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Tallawah Talks S1 | EP 1: A Conversation with Sara Minkara

We’ve noticed throughout the years across the social impact and inclusion spaces that there are many different makers whose voices are too often underrepresented and not given the shine they deserve. We want to help change that, and is why we are so excited to announce the launch of Tallawah Talks, a curated series of conversations amplifying the voices of change makers whose work and lived experiences are showing us what it means to have inclusive impact.

For our first season, we will highlight a group of passionate and diverse social entrepreneurs who attack social problems with equal parts creativity, compassion and an eye towards equity and inclusion. Social entrepreneurship is a growing and wide-ranging field, and we're super excited to help share the stories of those helping to advance it, but first: How do you define social entrepreneurship?

To launch our inaugural Tallawah Talks series, it is our privilege to share with you our first guest, Sara Minkara, whose life embodies all that it means to be doing work at the intersection of impact and inclusion.

She lost her sight at the age of seven, is a proud Muslim, first-generation American woman, and has boldly embraced all of these identities to not only inform her important work but also pioneer a truly empowered life.

Sara is the founder and CEO of Sara Minkara, LLC, an organization focused on bringing the voices of the disabled, marginalized, and excluded to the forefront. She also founded Empowerment Through Innovation, a nonprofit social enterprise that provides social and life skills development for refugees and other children with disabilities in the MENA region.

She has received numerous prestigious awards & recognition for her work, not the least of which include an Echoing Green Fellowship, Forbes 30 Under 30, and one of Vital Voices “100 Women Using Their Power to Empower.”

Sara has dedicated her life to empowerment and inclusion, and there is no better guest to start off the series!

Take a listen below!

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