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Tallawah Talks S1 | EP 4: A Conversation with Miko Underwood

Our fourth guest of #TallawahTalks, Miko Underwood, is here!

She is the Founder and Lead Designer of OAK & ACORN ~ ONLY FOR THE REBELLES, the first sustainable denim-based brand based in Harlem. Oak & Acorn threads eco-fabrics, historic storytelling & social impact with innovative fashion.

In response to witnessing firsthand the harm the chemicals caused the workers in manufacturing facilities across Pakistan and China, and lack of consumer awareness around it, Oak & Acorn’s denim is made up of eco-friendly fibers like Hemp and recycled materials.

Oak & Acorn also recounts historical moments in American history throughout its product touch points and brand messaging while raising awareness of organizations that support & empower impacted communities. 20% of the profits from Oak & Acorn’s Signature Collection also goes to support initiatives of We Got Us Now, Inc., a national non-profit organization built by, led by & about children & young adults impacted by parental incarceration.

Hear Miko talk about everything from the challenges she faced when entering fashion to her commitment to uplifting marginalized voices.

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